Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 7…

Last week I posted about the newly announced Ubuntu Touch edition designed for phones and tablets. I promised an update with my first impressions. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot to say just yet. Only a handful of the apps are actually functional (gallery, phone, camera, browser, media player, and notepad) and even fewer of those actual function properly on the Nexus 7.

What I CAN say, though, is that Ubuntu Touch has A LOT of potential. It certainly is a beautiful OS and the layout of the interface and the way you interact with it is quite intuitive. It makes use of all four edges of the screen, allowing you to swiped between running apps, access app-specific settings, system settings, and a quick-list of favorite apps (think the Unity Launcher, on your Ubuntu Desktop). The install image includes some sample content, including People, Pictures, Messages, etc, so you can see what using each of those apps looks and feels like.

All-in-all I would like to spend some time with a further functioning build before I decide if I love it or not, but the current build has certainly managed to pique my interest.

Ubuntu Touch – Ubuntu for Tablets

Ok, let me start out by saying I am possibly more excited about this than any other mobile-related news to com out lately. Just watching this video full of impressive-looking features and design is enough to make me re-think using my Nexus 7 to replace the head unit in my car. Now I’m thinking of keeping it as a usable, portable tablet for a bit more.

Go ahead and watch the video below. The Developer Preview should be available tomorrow so I’ll get it installed on my Nexus 7 and report back with my experience.