Tomb Raider Revamp

Let me start out by saying that I am more excited for this Tomb Raider than, well, any OTHER Tomb Raider, ever.

In recent years, Naughty Dog released a simply BRILLIANT title, Uncharted, that completely blew me away. When I played Uncharted the first time, I was all like “YES! This is what Tomb Raider SHOULD have been!”

Well, this revamp of Tomb Raider looks like what Naughty Dog would have made if they made a Tomb Raider title.  This is not in ANY WAY a demeaning comment to Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics. I mean, those guys have a track record in a whole class of their own. But I consider it a compliment to them to compare what they have pulled off here with my impression of the Uncharted series.

That being said, you should all check out the trailers and gameplay footage floating around. Personally like this new GameStop pre-order trailer. A THOUSAND COOL POINTS to the first one to comment the absolute CLASSIC film that included the song used in this trailer!

Outrage and Disgust over Dead Island: Riptide promo

Apparently in the UK and Australia, the developers of Dead Island:Riptide have a somewhat unique promo going on for the release. The special edition will include a mutilated female torso statue. And apparently many people are none-to-happy with this idea, even going as far a calling it disgusting and disturbing.

Here’s a picture of the special edition torso from Amazon:

Maybe it’s me, but I find this to be quite a sweet inclusion in the special edition package. Let me just go on the record to say Drunken Tech Blog has absolutely no problem with this torso statue, not in the least.

And really; where were all these people bitching and moaning about how grotesque the packaging was for the special edition of The Walking Dead Season 2 on Blu-ray? Seriously? It was a mutilated zombie head with a screwdriver jammed in one of it’s eyes! It was friggin’ brilliant!

These kind of things are designed for a mature market and reflect the content in the games/movies/tv shows that they are packed with. Zombie action figures are super popular right now. In fact, some Walking Dead action figures are worth upwards of $250. Yet I’m not seeing any headlines about how disgusting or disturbing they are.

I fail to see the big deal about a zombie torso that was modeled after a famous historical sculpture. Personally I think it is the perfect addition to the Dead Island: Riptide collection.

Maybe that’s just me.

Subsonic Media Server (or Where the hell have I been?)

Maybe I’m really late to the game here, but I just stumbled across a little app called Subsonic (link) that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. On a very basic level, you install it on your machine, point it to the folders that hold your music and movies, and then you can access that media from any device on your network. And with a bit of port forwarding, you can also access it anywhere in the world over the interwebs.

Once installed, you just point your browser to the IP of the machine you installed it on and log in with the default admin info. Then you change the admin password configure everything how you want it. This webpage acts as a front-end for all your media pleasure.

BUT WAIT! There’s more.  You can also set up multiple user account for your bros. You can control what type of access rights they have (stream, stream/download, stream/download/upload) and then they can enjoy your media as well! And yes, that does say upload! Through the web interface, you can upload media directly into whatever folder you like. You can even upload a zip file and it automatically extracts it on your server!

The cherry on top is the fact that there are apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone to let you  access, stream, and even download/cache your media directly to your phone!

And all this for free! The mobile streaming is limited to 30 days unless you donate a minimum of 10EUR to the developers. Doing so gets you get a license that unlocks your server completely. It also gets you your own URL to access your server without needing to remember pesky IP addresses. Well worth the donation.

So, needless to say, I won’t be bothering with paid music services anymore. Now I have a dedicated XBMC install at home with Subsonic running in the background. This takes care of ALL my media needs both at home and away.

FPS Nostalgia Convo (plus a link to DARK FORCES)

Over on Google+ I posted a series of questions which we eventually realized could all be answered with ONE GAME (and such an innovative game, at that). Follow the convo here:
<link unavailable due to Google+ shutting down>

(update 2020: Unfortunately Google+ is no more, but there is a great site that offers browser-based gameplay of TONS of classic games, all for FREE! Play Dark Forces Now!!)