FiF: Sally’s Proposition

In this special edition of Finish in Five, I present a story that deserves a bit more development that five words would warrant. Instead, use Five Sentences to complete Sally’s story:

While Sally always despised the rich and wealthy, she also envied the thought of never having an ounce of financial concern. One morning as she was finishing her cup of coffee, an elegant looking stranger appeared at her door. She peered past him and saw the incredibly beautiful limousine parked in her small, humble driveway. He announced himself as the driver for one of the local elite and said he was sent to ensure she attended a very important meeting. She was hesitant, but the driver reassured her it would be worth her time. Sally reluctantly climbed into the limo and off they went.

As they drove into town, Sally’s mind raced with questions. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________.

There you go. Take five sentences and complete the story….