Drunken Tech Blog Has Become….

Wits n’ Giggles

In my efforts to minimize my reliance on Facebook, Google, and other big data organizations, I am moving from my Drunken Tech Blog presence on Facebook and have moved my personal blog to WordPress. Since Drunken Tech Blog was basically my personal blog for so long, this seemed like a good opportunity to just combine my efforts and Wits n’ Giggles was born.

Tech, Booze, Potty Humor, Movies, and Music have always been my go-to sources of entertainment. This new blog will continue in that vein. You’ll still see technical articles and reviews, posts about booze, and all the things you’re accustomed to seeing on The Drunken Tech Blog, but I’m trying not to limit myself to just those topics going forward.

The Facebook page for Drunken Tech Blog will be going away soon, so please be sure to bookmark this blog or add it to your favorite RSS reader to keep up with all the Wits n’ Giggles you can handle.

This post will remain a “sticky” reminder at the top of the blog for a few weeks. Also, if you click the little “Menu” lines in the top left, you can select the Drunken Tech Blog posts page to filter on the posts brought over from there!