Bing it on?

Hey Bing, Don’t be evil. Play fair….

Go to and try to search for something. Go ahead. I’ll wait….

Ok, now go to and search for the same thing. Notice anything? Yeah, that’s it. What Bing represents as Google Search results are not entirely accurate. You see, Google has this nice preview page side pane that Microsoft conveniently leaves off of their BingItOn page. Maybe they were afraid of a fair fight.

Improving on the Tablet Install in the BMW

To update my previous post (here), I have done a little more work on the Tablet mounting. I purchased a nice hard snap-on cover for the tablet:

Then I glued it into place using a large L-bracket and some high-quality adhesive.
Here’s how it looks from the Front:
Note: I did have to grind back some more plastic in the mounting bracket to allow the tablet cover to sit as close to flush as possible.
Then, I just put it back in the dash like it was before. Here’s a shot of it holding the tablet nice a snug in the car. Now I’m just waiting for the Double-Din Bezel I ordered from Germany. (I broke down and ordered it since I wasn’t happy with the way my homemade one turned out.)