Tomb Raider Revamp

Let me start out by saying that I am more excited for this Tomb Raider than, well, any OTHER Tomb Raider, ever.

In recent years, Naughty Dog released a simply BRILLIANT title, Uncharted, that completely blew me away. When I played Uncharted the first time, I was all like “YES! This is what Tomb Raider SHOULD have been!”

Well, this revamp of Tomb Raider looks like what Naughty Dog would have made if they made a Tomb Raider title.  This is not in ANY WAY a demeaning comment to Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics. I mean, those guys have a track record in a whole class of their own. But I consider it a compliment to them to compare what they have pulled off here with my impression of the Uncharted series.

That being said, you should all check out the trailers and gameplay footage floating around. Personally like this new GameStop pre-order trailer. A THOUSAND COOL POINTS to the first one to comment the absolute CLASSIC film that included the song used in this trailer!