Oh Comcast….Why Do I Stick Around?

So let me start out by saying I am usually fairly content with my Comcast connection. I pay for the “Performance” package that states: “Get download speeds up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds up to 4 Mbps with PowerBoost®.”

My download speeds, according to Speedtest.net, are regularly in the 13Mbit – 18Mbit range, which I find quite acceptable. I can stream HD content from the web with easy, and I rarely have a hiccup with gaming online.


In the last week or so, my Upload speeds have been dismal. I struggle to get 600kb according to Speedtest, and real-world tests are even worse! Trying to transfer a file from my home PC to my work PC via my home web server, I barely get 250kb! That is ridiculous!

A few months back I had an issue that affected both my Download AND Upload speeds. A technician came out several days after I contacted support and said there was a signal issue and he would have to come back the next day and repair some wiring on the outside of my building. That fixed the problem at that time and speeds returned to normal.

This time, I am trying to use Comcast’s “Chat Support” feature and, let me just say, WHAT A JOKE!  Twice, so far, I have typed my problem description into the Chat Window only to have the Analyst “leave the room” and subsequently “close the chat ” without so much as saying a word to me! The first time was a bit comical. I pictured the Analyst all like “Oh fuck that!” and peacing-out. But when It happened again a second time, with a second Analyst, well…. here I am asking why I bother with Comcast.

I suppose the real problem is a lack of options. In my area, Comcast is the largest provider. In the past I have tried both AT&T’s U-Verse as well as Knology. I was not impressed with either at the time. Mobile options such as Verizon are out of the question due to price and bandwidth restrictions, plus I’m just not sure I trust the connection for gaming.  So what other choice do I have; I suck it up, expect support to be a nightmare, and deal with Comcast…………..


After publishing this post, I gave it another try, clearly stating that I have been dropped by two previous Analysts, and whaddya know….another facepalm. Keep in mind, the chat support requires you to enter your problem BEFORE you actually connect with a representative, so presumably, “Sandy” should have seen my comment about being dumped by the previous two Analysts, yet she does not address it at all. WTF?

UPDATE2: I was contacted through the comment below by a supervisor at Comcast. He then called me on a Friday. He had a tech come out on Saturday to check my connection. Everything checkout out fine. I can connect both of my laptops directly to the modem and they pull great upload and download bandwidth, according to Speedtest. For that reason, they determined that the problem must be somewhere in my setup; possibly a bad NIC on the PC I am using as a media server. I had no option but to agree, since connecting the laptops directly to the modem provided great Speedtest results. The tech left, and I set up my server on one of the laptops and connected it directly to the modem.

Well, Speedtest results be damned. They show 19Mbit Down / 4.5Mbit up, yet trying to download anything from the server to my work PC STILL only shows around 500kb/sec. I know it’s not my download bandwidth at work since I can grab a 600+ MB Ubuntu ISO in less than a minute.

So, back to the drawing board.


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