Google Search Suggestion Fun! the “What…” Edition!

This is the first in what will probably be many posts like this. Each week, I will pick a new keyword to begin a search with and post some of the more funny,  odd, or just plain disturbing suggestions made by Google.

This week we take a look at the keyword “what” (Click thumbnails to see for yourself)

Ok, First we just simply search for “what”. Some interesting gems to point out here such as “what are these strawberries doing on my nipples i need them for my salad”   Really??

Next up we start rolling through the alphabet. Oddly enough, there were very few letters that produced results worthy of posting.

Here again we see a recurring result from above. Additionally, there are apparently quite a few people who wonder “what actor originally immortalized dracula’s arch-nemesis van helsing”.  What I find disappointing is there was no suggestion for “what a long strange trip it’s been” 😦

“what happened to seal’s face”?? OUCH!

Ok, seriously WTF? I think somebody was cheating at Trivial Pursuit!

What I find interesting here is that more people are interested in Brad Pitt’s character in a movie than “what women want.”  Oh, and there’s a gem in this on that should make South Park fans giggle.  😉

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition. Be sure to tune in next week for more Fun with Google!

So yep, I got it!

I did actually get my Droid today, but I’ve been out “celebrating” and just got home. First impressions? Well, it’s big. And it’s a big chunky. Not brick-like, just squared off and not quite as comfortable for one-handed use as, say, my MyTouch.  Oh, and it’s FAST!

Full write-up to come.